The Muslims of Metro Atlanta have been dreaming of a full-time Islamic school for a long time. The dream has now turned into a reality as "The City of Knowledge Islamic School"!

The City of Knowledge is committed to provide the caliber of education that will match or exceed the academic excellence provided by some of the finest private schools in the State of Georgia along with augmenting essential moral behavior that is a key to achieving human excellence. The City of Knowledge is supervised by a group of Muslims who are serving as educators in the State of Georgia and include professors from Emory University and Georgia Tech; thus providing additional assurance that our children will be in good hands.

Admission are available all year around. Process is simple and fast. Fill out the form and email it to email

If you are a parent of a child to receive scholarship and also a donor to utilize QEE tax credit then:

Fill out this form and provide details to process both scholarship for your child and donotion from your state tax dollar. APPLY HERE

City of Knowledge is a project of ABF, a 501(c) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.